As you may imagine, with a wide variety of kitchen gadgets available, and me being me, our kitchen is, in my opinion, second to none.


A site that I’ve only recently found so I haven’t bought anything from them yet isLakeland Limited As of 9th March 2006 at 2:20pm it had on its what’s new page a corkscrew named Napoleon corkscrew. I have issues with that. Here is a picture to show the corkscrew:

The mechanism behind this is quite gadgety so I quite like the corkscrew itself (so long as they have something to make sure the screw isn’t too loose). It’s the suggestion that Napoleon used something like this that I don’t like. The famous Napoleon used his sabre.

A very good pocket corkscrew is the double hinged waiters’ friend.

This one in particular has a serrated foil cutter. I personally use a dedicated foil cutter similar to this one (be sure that it has four cutters rather than two though). To use this properly, you have to keep in mind that you will be pulling twice. The double hinge bit is to allow the second ridge to not get in the way while you’re using the first ridge. (I find this very difficult to explain). I have seen a model with an itergrated foil cutter like mine but I don’t know where to get one from. :-(

Back to our kitchen (too small to hold the wine and accessories).

In my opinion, our bin is rare. I would say unique but I know that I would be wrong saying that. It is a bin that you do not have to touch to open it. It closes by itself also. It is made by Nastech and one can be bought from Smartimports.

See, this is a great idea because it is the ultimate in hygene - also lazyness but that’s besides the point. The only issue that I have with it is that the lid opens upwards as you can see. Because we have such a small space, the bin is a lot smaller than it need be.

For garlic, if you hadn’t guessed, we have a garlic card. This was bought for us because of the fact that we have broken about four garlic presses in as many years - most of them metal! The one metal one that I did like, however, was one bought from Ikea. (unfortunately, this is its successor)

Our knives, and shapener, were bought from Procook along with a lot of our pans.

I quite like our kettle. Everyone who sees it coments upon it as they have seen nothing like it! When it is cold, it is blue. When it is warm, it is pink! Admitted that it is a poor choice of colours but I still like the blue for cold - also, it fits with the decor. Unfortunately, Russell Hobbs have stopped making this kind of kettle so I cannot provide you with pictures or links. :-(

The other thing that makes our kitchen second to none is the fact that is was custom built by an expert and all the appliances were measured to the millimetre to make sure that they would fit. The same guy also built Manchester International Conference Centre!

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