Here are some photos that I wanted to share. This page contains thumbnail images that you can click on to see the larger version.  WARNING: Please note that the larger version is usually about 1.5MBso may take some time loading. Use the arrows on the top of the page to see the next or previous photo or return back to this thumbnail page.

I am only just starting into the world of photography so you’ll see a lot of experiments here, most of which will not work as well as could be expected.

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I am currently working with a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T3.  It has 3x optical zoom which is very useful indoors but nowhere near as powerful as what you need for outdoor shots.  I bought this camera as a present for Ann with the specifications for Ann to be using it but she’s happier being in the photos and having a photographer! Had I known that then I would have bought something different.


Update: I have now bought a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ30 with 12 times optical zoom! I have also bought a 3x tele convertor to fit which means that I can get a total of 36x optical zoom! I have also bought a 0.45x wide convertor so that I can get really wide shots.

I’m using this purely as a root page. Please use the links to the left for navigation towards the actual photos


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