They say a picture tells a thousand words. I think that in this case a thousand words are going to be needed to explain the pictures! A summary of the day’s events can be found in between the two photos.

As promised, here is a more complete story as to the events leading up to the photos that you can see:


The ring was decided upon in July / August time when Ann fell in love with the design of the ring you’ve seen.  Unfortunately, the model was in gold, which Ann doesn’t like; also, the ring was too big for Ann’s finger.  So we asked the jeweller to make a ring in that design using platinum.  “That’s not a problem.” claimed the jeweller, “It will be ready in about 6 weeks.”  After 6 weeks past, Ann got more and more excited as she thought she would be able to wear the ring that she loved soon.  The jewellers were called to see where they were up to, as we had not heard anything from them.  The progress was that the metal had been moulded and the diamonds had been found, however, as the diamond fitter had been on holiday then there will be another couple of weeks wait left.  After two weeks, we called again to find out that the ring had not been hallmarked!  Another three weeks!  Finally, we received a call from the jewellers who got through to Ann when they were expecting to speak to myself; this caused concern for the jeweller who was reluctant to give details over the phone and so merely said that the package was ready.  Luckily, Ann realised what they were referring to but her mother (who didn’t know at this time) was in the room so Ann couldn’t give the game away either!  This was about two weeks prior to the photos being taken.


A group of close friends of ours had struck upon the idea of going for a posh meal as a number of the males own tuxedos but have not had an opportunity to wear them.  We decided that Yang Sing would be the ideal venue for this meal as tuxedos would not seem too out of place there.  After many cross-references between various diaries, last Saturday was decided as the best date for this.  This, I thought, would be the perfect opportunity to ask Ann with the ring as we can then share the moment with our friends.  As the date grew closer, some people had other events happening on that date so were unable to go to Yang Sing.  Eventually, this got postponed to February.  This was too long a wait for both Ann and myself.  Plan one shot out of the water.  I had to think of another time and place.


We planned to go out Christmas shopping last Saturday, with most of the friends that we planned to have a meal with, in City Centre Manchester – where the jewellers are based.  When the plan was made, I thought that this would be a good time to collect the ring. I still had no idea as to when and where to ask Ann, but having the ring is a good start!  Luckily, I finished quite early last Friday and Ann was on a late shift, finishing work at 9pm.  I decided to head into town and pick up the ring without Ann knowing.  This gave me the opportunity to scout out the City Centre for suitable locations.  We planned to meet our friends in Piccadilly Gardens for the shopping trip at 11am.  The fountain in the centre provided a very good background in my opinion so I was trying to think of how to convince everyone to go over to the fountain without telling them why.  Bringing a camera was not going to be a problem so that never crossed my mind.


Saturday came and when we arrived in Piccadilly Gardens, I find out that the fountain is switched off!!  Plan number two shot out of the water.  Luckily, I quickly decided that the new metal tree could provide a nice background.  After meeting everyone in Café Nero, (also getting the ring into an easily accessible position but hidden without being seen acting suspiciously) we started to walk out towards the shops.  Ann and I are fairly quick walkers so we walked in front of everyone else, I quickly turned and descended onto one knee and held Ann’s hand.  Ann then went forward and ‘hugged’ me; this prevented me from speaking anywhere else but her coat!  At this point, the males of the group carried on walking as if nothing was happening!  Out came a camera phone to take a photo, once everyone found out what was happening, which gave me the opportunity to bring out our camera and get rid of my rucksack from the shot!  The friend with the camera then pointed out that I was running out of battery quite dramatically.  Luckily, two photos were taken. (The photo of the ring was taken later, after the camera had charged!)


Two of the friends that were supposed to come to the meal were unable to come for shopping.  One had a dance on that night which we had been invited to but were unsure whether we were going.  I thought it would be a good idea to go to the dance to tell them in person so that they can share the moment and see the ring in person.  With hindsight, I should have told Ann about this.


The different genders of the shopping group went their separate ways for an hour or two after the photos had been taken.  Upon regrouping, I found that one of the friends had texted one of the absent friends with the news with permission from Ann.  Plan number three shot out of the water!


All in all, we did well out of a bad situation.


The photos to the wedding can now be found in our wedding photo album please note that this is a Shockwave Flash presentation. Shockwave can be downloaded from the following site:

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