As promised, here is the Y shaped pen:

Unfortunately, this pen is not available in the UK at present (10th March 2006) but I’ll try to keep my eyes open for you and I’ll let you know as soon as it becomes available and from where. Until then, here’s its web site.

UPDATE: This is now available in the UK

UPDATE 2: Penagain have developed a successor which you can find my thoughts on the Ergosleek page

You may have guessed by now that I have a bit more to say than simply, “Here’s a nice pen I’ve found.” I’ve also found a hole punch which has been described by one person I know as “overengineered” and another commented that the designer needed to get out more! The manufacturers are called Acco (they use Rexel as a brand image or something) and here’s a picture of their punch:

The red eyes you can see turn green when the paper is in its correct postion. The black square on the base is a window to indicate what size paper the punch is set to. In order to lock the punch in the down position, a switch is found at the side rather than any slider which is easily lost.

This model also displays a window at the back so that you can label to whom it belongs.

The same company also do staplers and you can buy both the stapler and the hole punch as a set. Both the hole punch and the stapler are made out of metal so you can actually feel them in your hands. This property also allows easier stapling.

Don’t worry, I’m not finished there. Just finished for this session. I have a lot more gadgets than just a pen, hole punch and a brief mention about a stapler.

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