Gadgets are a bit of a hobby for me.  For example:  My phone is a Samsung SGH-Z500, the one that’s a small 3G phone, 1 mega pixel camera, video call facility and, thanks to a free download, able to browse the internet - even this site.

UPDATE:  I have just changed phones to the Nokia N93 This phone can handle web sites better than the Samsung Z500 and produces fantastic photos for a phone.  It has a 3.2MP sensor and a 3x optical zoom provided by Carl Zeiss lenses.  Carl Zeiss lenses can be found on surgical theatres due to their quality. Some reviewers have even rated the photos better that the 5 MP N95!


FURTHER UPDATE: My current phone is the Palm Pre (I bought it before HP bought Palm) As I have so much to say about this phone, I have dedicated an entire page to it.


My watch is solar powered, radio set from the atomic clock in Rugby and one of the most shock-proof watches available.  It is also water resistant to 200m, world time, FIVE alarms and a stopwatch!


My organiser is a Palm Tungsten T3 which is capable of playing MP3’s and displaying photos.

But these are merely high tech toys.  Gadgets come in a variety of classifications and don’t necessarily need to be high tech.

An example of low tech gadget is the garlic card. A simple credit card ‘device’ which purees garlic.  Another one I’ve just found and like is this one. (right)

To the right is a good example of a kitchen gadgets which I’ve dedicated a page to.

Tech gadgets on the other hand can get rather pointless for want of a better word. A good site is Maplins. It has batteries for ALL occasions and many types of connectors of electrical and a/v variety.

I’ll try to make this page the one that gets updated the most. Right now, I’m out of inspiration and want to go to bed. There will be more soon including a pen that’s shaped like a Y. (This will be found in office gadgets)

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This handy device allows you to carry four wine glasses while you’re holding the bottle.